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Fourth Fulbright

10:52 AM, May 6, 2014

Kennesaw State professor Kamal Fatehi was once accused of being a spy while he served as a Fulbright scholar in Azerbaijan, but that hasn't stopped him from applying and being selected for the prestigious award three more times since then.

Georgia International Business Index Jumps

10:52 AM, May 6, 2014

Georgia international manufacturing activity climbed during the first quarter of 2014, according to the Georgia International Business Index (GIBI).

Atlanta BIZ Latest Stories

Executive Profiles Week of August 24

3:39 PM, Aug 24, 2014

Ron Marks, the "Big Cheese" of AtlantaFresh Artisan  Creamery, talks about making the best and only Greek yogurt  this side of the Mason-Dixon line.  

By The Numbers Week of August 24

3:36 PM, Aug 24, 2014

Find out what Georgia companies made the Forbes World's Most Valuable Brands list.  Here's a hint: One of them used to enjoy teaching the world to sing.  

Upcoming Events Week of August 24

3:30 PM, Aug 24, 2014

A two-day workshop for human resource professionals and a seminar on how to qualify for small business loans.  See what other events are happening around metro Atlanta this week.  

Business News Week of August 17

4:13 PM, Aug 17, 2014

The College Football Hall of Fame is set to open and a campaign donation from filmmaker Tyler Perry comes under scrutiny.  Watch the latest business news right here!

By The Numbers Week of August 17

4:08 PM, Aug 17, 2014

Patrick Crosby deconstructs the data behind some of Atlanta's major construction projects and goes high above the city to measure the tallest buildings.

Upcoming Events Week of August 17

4:06 PM, Aug 17, 2014

A workshop that teaches you how to earn "big" using BIG DATA and Atlanta CEOs get some love.  Check out these upcoming events you or your organization might want to attend.

Upcoming Events Week of August 10

11:24 AM, Aug 11, 2014

A panel discussion on business opportunities in Poland and compensation trends are the order of the day at a meeting of the Atlanta Area Compensation Association.